Let’s Play “Where Are Your Keys?”

care of Wes Maldonado

Tomorrow morning, I’d like to show everyone a game called “Where Are Your Keys?” (http://whereareyourkeys.org/)

It’s a game for learning languages that produces incredible results. I went to a weekend workshop on it last weekend and learned American Sign Language at what I can only describe as a totally relaxed and completely breakneck speed. If you ever want to learn a language from a fluent speaker you should learn how to play this game.

How’s this relevant to Lean?

As more people are exposed to “Where Are Your Keys?”, there has been a lot of interest in adapting it to learn / teach other things beyond language like the Violin or even Agile. I’m curious if after 20-30 minutes of playing the game, we could think about how we might adapt it to teaching & learning Lean concepts and principles.

So come join us, I can promise it will be fun :).

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3 Responses to Let’s Play “Where Are Your Keys?”

  1. Willem says:

    I’m so excited about this Jeremy! Please tell us how it goes. I’d wish you good luck, but it’s hard to break the fun… 🙂


    • I thought it went really well. We got up to a couple rounds of “who wants my rock?…” I also took out a couple ideas for a way to play this game to show how to work with a card wall / kanban board.

      What if you could move the whole “team” / “inner circle” through an iteration in a couple minutes w/ a kanban board on the table. Then debrief and force some of the conversations that are hard to have and practice having them. Do root cause analysis, etc. Each round you could tweak the team / requirements / add a bit more chaos…

      I wonder what that would look like and I’d like to find out!

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