About Seattle Lean Coffee

Do you get excited about limiting WIP, visualizing workflow, and self-organizing teams?  Would you like to meet others like yourself and learn even more about Lean?

Then join us every Wednesday morning for an interdisciplinary look at all things Lean, Kanban, Six Sigma, TPS, or Personal Kanban even. With your hosts Jeremy Lightsmith and Jim Benson.

You should come if you :

  • have heard about Lean and want to know more
  • are trying to implement Lean thinking at your organization and could use some advice and guidance
  • know a lot about lean and would like to share your knowledge and find out what others are doing
  • are looking to find work as or to give work to someone with a lean background
  • like coffee and interesting conversation

We’ll see you next Wednesday from 8:30AM-10:00AM at Kakao Chocolate & Coffee at 415 Westlake!


Join our Slack team at sealean.slack.com. You can invite yourself to the team by visiting sealean.herokuapp.com. We’ll see you online!


Have questions?  Send them to jeremy.lightsmith@gmail.com

6 Responses to About Seattle Lean Coffee

  1. Stein Setvik says:


    Wondering if you guys are still meeting up at Kakao Wednesday mornings?

  2. Love lean coffee and I have set up one in Sydney tech hub (suburb of North Ryde).
    I read on http://leancoffee.org/ that you guys are happy to set up a domain name for other lean coffees.
    But no where on that site to enquire further.

    So any ideas about that, are you the leancoffee.org guys ?


  3. Sylvia says:

    Just curious if this group is still meeting. Haven’t seen any of the posts lately (since Aug 2014). Is the group on hiatus? If so, can there be a post on the homepage that shares with folks what’s happening? I wanted to send a few of my clients here to check it out, unless it’s not happening anymore!

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